Avoiding burnout with your meals while on the trail

Food burnout is one of the biggest problems that backpackers experience on the trail.

While out there and put up against exhaustion, elevation adjustments, and the environmental challenges that go with cooking in the outdoors, you can lose any appetite that you might normally have.

This is a serious problem on the trail for two very important reasons. The first is you are burning a lot of energy and need to continue to replace the energy spent or you will face exhaustion which can be deadly while in remote locations. The second is that if you are carrying a lot of food that isn’t being eaten, you will spend even more energy which is not being replaced by carrying the extra food weight in your pack.

The best way to ensure that you have a healthy appetite under stress to is make sure before any big trip you have plenty of practice on smaller trips and you have tasted all of the food you are going to bring before hand.

If you don’t like something off the trail, you are not going to like it on it so once again, make sure to try everything in advance and then order more for your trip if you like it.

When planning your meals also make sure that you are getting plenty of savory and sweet items together. Try to alternate what you are snacking on with your lunch and vice versa. So if you are bringing a sweet PB&J sandwich for lunch you should snack on something like spicy jerky before and afterwards. This way your tastes buds will be able to tell the difference between meals and you’ll have a much easier time filling your stomach.

For dinner you should really plan on treating yourself everyday. For some trips you will be spending the occasional day sludging through wet snow or rain and really be in the blues after a hard day of walking. For a lot of people the quickest way to turn that around is to get something warm in their stomach and luckily there are a lot of higher quality packaged meals or more complex recipes which you can find by creating a meal plan with Hikeset.