Backpacking Trip Planner

Trips can be created by visiting a existing trail or itaniary page and clicking the host new trip button. From there you can make any customizations you need specific to your event.
Routes are based on the entry and exit trailheads. To edit a route of a backpacking trip you are organizing, click `Edit Trip` and change the start or exit trailheads. To create a new trip, click `Copy Trip` and select your start and exit trailheads.
  • Click on one of the markers on the map to select an existing trailhead for that trip or click anywhere on the route to add a different entry or exit point.
  • After selecting the entry trailhead click `Next` and you can do the same for the exit trailhead. If you are exiting from the same trailhead that you entered in, select that here. If you used a unknown trailhead as a entry trailhead, there is now a marker you can use to select it as your exit trailhead.
  • After selcting the exit trailhead a new route will appear. If you want to maka any changes you can do so by changing the exit trailhead here or going back to the previous entry trailhead page with the `Previous` button.
  • To get a daily breakdown on your milage and daily maps you can select campsites on the next page you wish you use.
From the trip agenda page you can send your friends an invite to your trip by clicking the `Invite` or `More` buttons beneath the user list. They will get an email where they can join the trip and receive notifications of any future updates made.
Trip information can be changed by opening the trip settings dialog from the `Edit Trip Settings` button on the top of the trip page. Changes made to the trip will then be emailed to existing trip members.
Trailheads can easily be added to a existing route by creating a new copy of that trip and clicking the proper location on the trail. When saving the trip you can then name the trailhead and it will be shown to other backpackers.
Campsites can easily be added anywhere close to your trail route by clicking the proper location on or off the trail. When saving the trip you can then name the campsite and it will be shown to other backpackers.

Backpacking Food Search

To change the food items currently being displayed, click the different facets to expand the choices available for that selection. The numbers in parenthesis show how many results that query will return. If a choice is contradictory, it will show 0 and selecting it will deselect the other choice.

Meal Planner

To save a meal plan, click the `Save` button. Once a meal plan is saved, any future changes you make to it will automatically be saved.
Each meal plan you create can be shared by using it's unique meal plan id. To get a link to your meal plan you can click the `Share` button in the meal plan tool to view it. Once a meal plan has been shared, any new changes you make will be reflected in the shared meal plan.
You can add food to meal plans in two different ways. The first is by clicking the `Meal Plan +` button underneath a food item. On desktop devices, you can also drag a food item to the correct location.
To change a food serving size you can click on the current serving and drag the slider to change the serving size. The number represents what percentage of a serving you want.
Foods can be dragged around on desktop devices and dragged into a new position. If you can not drag a food item around, you can delete the item and re-add it into the new position.
To remove a food item a meal, click the `x` link and confirm the dialog.
A daily graph of your food weight and calories per meal can be viewed from the stats dialog which is accessed by clicking the `Stats` button above a meal plan.
You can quickly generate a meal plan by clicking the generate button and following the prompts in the generate dialog.