Goodwater Trail

The Goodwater trail is the closet place to Austin to get in a multiday, semi-primitive, backpacking trip.

This backpacking trail has a lot of variety and passes through a couple of historical sites you can time the time to explore as you’re going around Lake Georgetown and over the Southern San Gabriel Dam.

Along the way there are convenient facilities for refilling your water supplies and trashcans keeping you from having to carry in and out everything. While the campsites themselves are primitive, most hikers agendas will take them past a restroom at least once a day.

Starting a Goodwater Trail Backpacking Trip

Visitors starting at Ceder Breaks Park can park for free and there is also free primitive camping at Sawyer Camp, Ceder Hollow, and Camp Spring Hollow. There are additional developed campsites at Tejas Park and Russell Park which require permits and are shared by car and RV users.

Trail History

The Goodwater Trail was created after the damming of the San Gabriel River by the San Gabriel Dams. They were officially completed on October 5, 1979 to provide flood control for the city of Georgetown and then in 1981, The Goodwater Lake reservoir and adjoining parks and recreational facilities were opened allowing for a trail to be made that could connect the two shores of the San Gabriel by walking across the dam.

Altitude Gain: 1833.5', Loss: -1840.1', Start: 885.6', End: 879.0'

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