Wilderness Camp Area

Campsite Elevation 1552 feet, Campsite Location -99.2113, 29.6352

The wilderness camp area in Hill Country SNA is a huge campsite, where I was told by the ranger in charge, that houses up to 80 scouts at once during the weekends. During the week however it was empty and a great place to surround yourself with just nature.

The wilderness trail runs through the site, so expect the occasional hiker or horseman to pass thru and choose your campsite accordingly. There are picnic tables at several of the sites, and if you go further away from the trail, there are some great spots surrounded with tree cover that can offer you privacy.

In the middle of the campsite, there is a structure with several hooks on the inside that could be used for hanging goods and keeping them dry during storms.

Behind the campsite there is a 100' hill you can climb to enjoy the sunset.