Primitive Campsite E

Campsite Elevation 2283 feet, Campsite Location -99.6035, 29.8192

Campsite E is a great campsite that is about a 5 minute walk to a composting toilet and trash can at the same elevation. There are a handful of media size pads that have trees good for hanging hammocks as well as clear patches of soft dirt for 3 or 4 tents. Most of the pads have rocks about a foot high that you can use as a clean surface for sitting on or putting stuff down.

Dividing the first campsite on the right from the 2nd one on your right is a small gully that dips down a couple feet with a lot of trees about 25' between them which keeps other campers out of sight but still audible. The 3rd pad is somewhat behind the 2nd campsite and is really just an extension best shared with the same group.

To the left of the sites when you come in is a large field and if you go all the way to the back of the campsite you reach a fence which marks the parks property line.

During the night the campsite is quiet and you can only hear the sounds of nature, but expect the occasional machinery sound during the day.

In the morning and before the sun comes up, the tall grasses leading to the trail head collect water and you should probably avoid wearing sandals and maybe even go as far as wear pants when going to the toilet in the morning.